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Video: Brainstorming closed questions


To get ideas for what you are going to write about in your essay, you need to brainstorm. The idea of brainstorming is simply to write down everything that comes into your head when thinking about the topic. How you brainstorm for ideas is slightly different depending on whether you are brainstorming an open question such as this or a closed question such as this. Remember that a closed question requires a specific answer. Notice how you only need one column to think of ideas for open questions, whereas two columns are needed for closed questions. First we will look at how to brainstorm a closed question. For this topic, we could think of the following points. Before you can begin to plan your answer, you need to consider the ideas you have thought of and reject any that are weak, irrelevant or you would have difficulty in giving valid reasons or examples for. In this example, we would not include the opinion about older people enjoy working as this is irrelevant to the question.