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Video: Comparison/Opinion paragraphs


For essays that ask you to compare points of view and then add your own opinion, you will need to start with a paragraph about one side then a second paragraph about the opposite side. In the essay you have just looked at, the first paragraph talks about the advantages of mothers working, and in the second the disadvantages. The third paragraph, your opinion, should focus on whichever side of the argument is stronger, regardless of personal opinion. First, tell the examiner that this is where your opinion begins. This can be done simply with a phrase like this. Then follow by clearly stating your opinion. For example. In the same way as you saw for concessions, you should then undermine the other point of view and emphasise points made in the paragraph you are agreeing with. In our example, the writer has done this giving solutions to the disadvantages of mothers working, and also by reiterating the benefits.