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Video: Correlating data #2


If you have to write about more than one graph or chart, it is important to show the examiner that you understand why the graphs are presented together. This does not mean that you should think of reasons that are not shown, but you should be making comparisons with the data in different charts. For example, in this Task I, you should be noticing that a significant increase in average mortgage repayments from 1985 to 1995, appears to have had a direct impact on the number of people buying their own home, with an 8% decrease over the period. This can be expressed in the following way. The same information could be expressed like this. Remember, you are not supposed to present opinions on the data.


5 steps in critical thinking

Being able to critically consider something you are reading is essential these days to make sure what you are reading is true. Here are 5 points to consider for critical thinking: 1. Consider the source Where is the information you are reading, watching or listening...

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