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Video: Editing check list


Unlike speed reading, in which you are reading to get a general idea of the information, when you are reading to edit your work you need to read closely and carefully. One way to make sure you are reading more carefully is to use a pen to keep you focused on your sentence. It also helps to silently mouth the words as you read as this makes it easier to identify problems, especially with grammar. In this example, the candidate has read the sentence again closely and an error has registered. It might not be immediately obvious what the error is, so you may have to look back at the sentence. In this example, the words ‘they are’ have been used when it would have been correct to write ‘it is’. When you are editing, there are a number of aspects you need to consider. Is the grammar correct? Is the vocabulary accurate? Is the spelling accurate? Is the punctuation accurate? Have you accidentally used the same vocabulary too often? Have you omitted a word or words? Remember, at this point, the aim is to tidy what you have written. This is not the time to decide to rewrite a whole paragraph and risk finishing the test with too few words.