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Video: Feedback from practice exercise


For question 21, you should have noticed that the options are similar and all talk about duration of time. In the recording all options are mentioned; however, only one of the lengths of time relate to Barry’s time working at the hotel. For question 22 you should have noticed that all three options refer to course fees, this means that it is the additional information that is important. You should also have noticed the qualifying words ‘all’ and ‘some’ in options B and C. In the recording Barry says that his employers will pay a ‘proportion’ of the living costs – a rephrase of the qualifying word ‘some’ – which tells us C is the correct answer. For question 23 you would apply the same skills as you should have for question 21. For questions 24 and 25 you needed two answers. You should have remembered that it was likely you would hear all options at some point in the recording; however, the question specifically relates to management courses. For this type of question, remember that you need to put each answer in a separate box, but it is not important which answer you put in which box.