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Video: Feedback on practice exercise


Now we will consider how we found the correct answers. For question 31, the question words asked ‘what type of position’ telling us that the answer was some kind of employment. We also knew from the question that, for the audience, this type of work was new because of the reference to first time. In question 32 we were looking for something that a general CV would probably not have achieved. When we listened to the recording, ‘general’ was rephrased as ‘generic’ and ‘achieve’ became ‘result in’. In question 33 you should have noted that the answer was likely to be an adjective as the question related to how something may appear. In this situation, the recording was quite similar to the wording of the question itself. In a similar way, in question 34 you should have noted that we were likely to be looking for an adjective which would describe how an objective statement should be. In question 35 the most important points to note are that there were two negatives – ‘unlikely’ and ‘irrelevant’. This should have indicated that you were looking for something negative from the employer. Now let’s look at questions 36 and 37. The first point is that you should have used no more than two words for each answer. You should also have anticipated that the answers would be types of useful work experience that the audience already had.