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Video: Matching feedback


Now we will apply the six steps we looked at to the question from the beginning of the lesson. The first step is to read the statement, then identify any keywords. In this example, possible keywords are gap year, not enhance and employment opportunities. The keywords not enhance suggest that we are looking for a reference to the gap year which is not positive. When locating the area that is relevant, we first find this reference to a gap year. However, this does not fit the keywords from the statement because this section states that it is helpful for students – a positive reference to the gap year. Moving on, we then find this reference to a gap year and also that the industry is ‘less receptive to the advantages’. This reflects the negative reference from our keywords. Now we go to step 4, and look at the list in detail. Finding three names, we return back to the passage and read in detail, confirming that Scott Bradley is the correct answer.