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Video: Processes and diagrams


So far in this course, we have looked at bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and tables. The two remaining Task 1 types are processes and diagrams. These types are a little different from the other types of Task I. Bar charts, line graphs, pie charts and tables present data. This data often requires comparison between other data given in the chart or needs to be correlated to different charts. We looked at correlating information in the lesson entitled ‘Pie charts’ They also focus on the language needed to describe trends. Processes, on the other hand, need you to consider the sequence of what is being presented. That is, the order of stages. In addition, both processes and diagrams generally have more labels attached. They are also far less common than the other types of Task I. However, there are some points that are true for all Task I types. For example, you need to describe what you are shown. You need to understand what is being shown before you plan. Follow academic rules of writing an introduction, body paragraphs and a conclusion; and you must remember not to give unnecessary background information.