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Video: Quiz feedback


We will now look at an example of a true, false not given style question. In order to answer the question, you will first need to read the statement carefully, then consider keywords – for example, Rome, support, inhabitants. Now scan the text. Once you have found the relevant area you need to read the statement again, then read the relevant section of the passage in detail to decide whether the answer is true, false or not given. The words Rome and support are in this section, and inhabitants has become population. However, the statement says could not whereas the passage states was not unable. Therefore the statement and the passage contradict each other, so the answer is False. However, had the statement been this – Rome had advanced sanitation for its time – the statement and the passage would agree, as advanced and sophisticated give the same meaning. Therefore the answer would be True. If the statement had been this – Rome had sufficient accommodation for the wealthy – then there would have been no support in the passage, as we are only told about low-income housing so the answer would be Not Given.