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Video: Review of analysing


Before we move on, let’s quickly review the skills we studied in Units 1 and 2. For this review, we will look at two different Task 2 questions, starting with this one. Here are the 6 steps you need to follow. So, what type of Task 2 essay is this? It’s a ‘Give an opinion/Challenge a point of view’ type. Is there a general topic? Yes, it’s about younger people getting a good job. What’s the specific topic? That people over 50 should be made to retire to make way for younger people. What are the task words? Do you agree or disagree. What is the direct question? Should people over 50 be made to retire to make way for younger people? Finally, is the question open or closed? This Task 2 title is closed, with the two sides being ‘Yes they should’ and ‘No they shouldn’t’. Now let’s look at another Task 2 example. For this essay, you need to discuss a given situation. There is no general topic. The specific topic is ‘Fewer people are reading books’. The task words ask you to suggest possible reasons why. Re-written as a direct question, this becomes ‘Why are fewer people reading books these days?’. The final point to consider is whether it is open or closed. This is an open question, as there are lots of different possible answers.