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Here are the steps for answering this type of question. The first step is that you should read the instructions carefully. Once you are sure you know what you should be doing, the next step is to quickly look through the questions to see what the recording is probably about. The third step is to identify the keywords on the question paper and consider how they might be rephrased and what they suggest you will need to look for. This will help you complete step 4, in which you should be predicting the type of answer you are looking for. These steps should have prepared you to listen efficiently when the recording begins. During the recording, you should listen as you follow the information already given in the question. This will help you identify the answer. The final step is to write your answer on the question paper but keep listening. You cannot afford to lose concentration while writing your answer as you may miss the next question. This is true for all question types. We are now going to practice these steps in a section 4 recording.