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Video: Steps for sentence completion questions


To answer sentence completion questions, you need to follow a similar strategy to short answer questions. First, you need to read the sentence closely. Next, you need to identify the keywords that will help you locate the relevant area of the passage. Remember, of course, that keywords could be rephrased. Next, go back to the reading passage and find the relevant area by scanning using the keywords. At this point, the skills for sentence completion questions change depending on what type they are. For type A, where you are selecting from choices given, you should then read the question again and then the list of possible options. Then read the section of the passage in detail where you think the answer is located. Before choosing the correct answer you think is correct, you need to dismiss any unsuitable options – that is, decide why they are not correct. You should then select the option that you can find support for. For type B sentence completion questions, that is where you have to find words from the passage, the steps are the same as those for short answer questions. Read the question again; read the section of the passage in detail.