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Video: The best letter


Now we will look at each of the letters from the previous exercise. Letter 1 was the most suitable response for a number of reasons. First, the register of the letter is appropriate – it is formal, which suits a letter of apology in a business context. Second, it covers all of the points stated in the question. The vocabulary is also good. For example, although the writer apologises at the beginning of the letter and again towards the end, the letter is not repetitive in the language used.

Now let’s consider some of the points we looked at in the first presentation that can be used for all letters of apology. Many of the points in the list have already been covered in the question, but the writer has expanded the letter by considering the feelings of the other person, as can be seen here. Now let’s consider why the other 2 letters were not suitable. In letter 2, the writer has used a register that is NOT appropriate to the Task. The vocabulary in red is too informal. The writer has also used contractions, identified here in green. The letter is also repetitive, as we can see with these words. Letter 3 is better than Letter 2 in that the register is suitable with good style and vocabulary. However, this letter does not cover all of the points in the question since it does not explain clearly why the report could not be finished on time.