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Video: Timing Task 2


Editing Task 2. To complete Task 2, you have about 40 minutes. As you should already have seen in previous lessons, there are a number of stages you need to complete within this time. You need to analyse the question, get ideas, plan your answer, write an introduction, write the body paragraphs and write a conclusion. Remember that time management in IELTS writing and reading is very important, so you should have some idea of how long to spend on each stage. We will now look at some approximate timing for completing your essay. Analysing the question should take about two minutes, leaving you with 38 minutes left. You have about 5 minutes to get some ideas for your essay, leaving you with 33 minutes. Briefly organising your ideas into a plan should only take about 3 minutes. With 30 minutes remaining, this is the point at which you begin writing on your answer sheet, starting with an introduction (about 4 minutes), the body paragraphs (about 20 minutes) and a conclusion (about 4 minutes). By this time, you should be aiming to have about 2 minutes remaining, and this is where you should complete the final stage – you should edit your work, taking a final opportunity to check for any spelling or grammar errors, and that you haven’t accidentally missed a word.