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Video: Timing


Let’s look briefly at some approximate timings for Task 1. To complete the task, you are given 20 minutes and as you should already have seen in previous lessons, there are a number of stages you need to complete within this time. You need to understand the information, plan your answer, write the introduction, write body paragraphs and write an ending. First you need to look closely at the task and make sure that you understand the information. This should take about 2 minutes, leaving you with 18 minutes remaining. You have about 3 minutes to plan your answer, leaving 15 minutes. Next you should write the introduction in about 2 minutes. By the time you start to write the body paragraphs you should have about 13 minutes left. The body paragraphs should take about 10 minutes, plus an extra minute to write an ending. In these last minutes, you should be able to edit your work.