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Video: Tips for headings questions


Before moving on to practising some headings questions, here is a brief summary of some important tips for headings questions.

  • TIP 1: There are always more headings than paragraphs.
  • TIP 2: You are never required to match all of the paragraphs in a passage.
  • TIP 3: There are often examples given (either one or two paragraphs).
  • TIP 4: If you are given an example, it might not be the first paragraph.
  • TIP 5: Some of the headings are similar – look for the slight differences.
  • TIP 6: Remember that you should not be attempting to match individual words.
  • TIP 7: You will not be required to use the same heading more than once.
  • TIP 8: Put a line through the heading(s) used in the example(s).
  • TIP 9: Don’t confuse headings questions with locating information questions.