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Video: Types of linking words


Linking words. Linking words are very important in academic writing. In the sentence The government should be responsible for health and education, the ideas of health and education are linked with the word and. In this sentence A lot of money is spent on defence but not enough is spent on healthcare the two ideas are linked with the word but. These are the easiest of the linking words. For a good result in your IELTS test, you will need to use a variety of different linking words. Linking words can identify whether you are talking about Addition, Cause and effect, Comparison and contrast, Examples or Concession (which means giving another point of view). The aim of this lesson is to give you some rules for the grammar and position of linking words. There are many different ways of using linking words and it can be difficult to understand all of the rules, so we will look at some of the more common places these linking words are used. Remember, it is very important to sound natural and be accurate when using these words, so it is better to learn some clear rules for a small number of linking words rather than trying to learn them all and making errors.