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Video: Useful phrases


When writing sentences for your Task I essay, there are a number of useful phrases which you can use. For this exercise, we will use the bar chart on relaxation and hobbies. The phrase ‘the chart/graph/table illustrates..’ can be used for an introduction as it can give an overview and tell the examiner that you know what you are looking at. Remember that we used this phrase in the introduction we wrote for the bar chart earlier in this lesson. Now let’s look at three more useful phrases; ‘the chart illustrates that, it is clear from the chart that’ and ‘as can be seen from the chart..’ To make these phrases grammatically accurate, they need to be followed by a complete sentence. It is also important to note that a comma is required after ‘as can be seen’. These last three phrases can be used both in the introduction and in the body paragraphs of the essay.