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Where people live

Where people live


  • cosmopolitan (environment)
  • metropolitan (city)
  • downtown
  • city centre
  • urban
  • the suburbs / suburban areas (NOTE: when referring to the suburbs, we generally always use THE)
  • rural
  • the outskirts
  • CBD (Central Business District)
  • city hall
  • coastal city
  • inland city
  • mountainous city
  • housing
  • accommodation
  • housing complex
  • industrial estate
  • housing estate
  • apartment (US) / flat (UK)
  • house
  • villa
  • 2-storey house
  • 5-level apartment building
  • office tower
  • skyscraper
  • landmark(s) buildings
  • marina
  • port / harbour
  • airport
  • bus/train/air terminal
  • urban sprawl

The people:

  • city-dwellers (this is the only word that focuses specifically on people who live in cities)
  • inhabitants
  • citizens
  • residents
  • commuters
  • internal migrants (people from the same country, but moving from another part of the country)


  • overcrowded (too many people)
  • densely-populated (a lot of people in a given area)
  • sparsely-populated (very few people in a given area)
  • high-density housing (a lot of houses / apartments that are close together)

Life in the city

  • urban lifestyle

Decision makers in the city

  • mayor
  • the civic authorities
  • city council
  • local community
  • neighbourhood
Quick review – what are the missing words? 

  1. A word used to specifically describe people that live in cities.
  2. People who travel to work in the morning, and home in the evening.
  3. People who move from one part of a country to another.
  4. The main person in the city who makes political decisions.
  5. Areas where a high number of people all live in a small area of land.
  6. Opposite of rural
  7. The main area where most business is done in the city
  8. A city that has different influences from around the world
  9. Residential areas of cities, in other words, where people live
  10. An area with many factories
  11. Famous buildings that identify a city, such as the Eiffel Tower
  12. A very tall building
  13. The rapid growth of a city, often with adverse (negative) effects
  14. An area where a high concentration of people live
  15. The main area at which public transport stops or starts from



  1. City-dweller (not citizen or resident – the question asked specifically about people in CITIES)
  2. Commuters
  3. Internal migrants (‘migrants’ refers to people from another country)
  4. The mayor
  5. Densely populated
  6. Urban
  7. Central Business District
  8. Cosmopolitan
  9. The suburbs / Suburban areas
  10. Industrial estate
  11. Landmarks / landmark buildings
  12. Skyscraper
  13. Urban sprawl
  14. Housing estate
  15. Terminal

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Where people live

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Where people live