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Which paragraph is better?

Read the paragraphs below. Which paragraph do you think is most suitable for Task 2?

Paragraph A

I think that a lot of people don’t make the most of education when they get the chance. There are lots of reasons why – they give up too easily, or they decide to take a job. Then they can get some money and start buying things that they want to own. This is STUPID because if they hadn’t quit they could have earned more money! But sometimes people have to quit studying because they have to look after a family or something.

Paragraph B

It could be argued that a considerable number of people do not take full advantage of educational opportunities available to them. This can be ascribed to a number of factors, such as difficulties in studying or the temptation to take a position of employment, which offers financial freedom to some. This could be considered short sighted as a higher level of education has the potential to offer better future prospects. Admittedly, there are certain situations in which people are required to stop studying, such as needing to take care of a family member.


It should be easy to see that Paragraph B is better, but can you see all of the reasons why? The video presentations on the next pages will explain in more detail.


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Which paragraph is better?

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Which paragraph is better?