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Which topic card?

Read the extract from Part Two. Which topic card is the candidate talking about?

Candidate’s answer:

Well, I don’t usually watch much television, but I like anything with the actor Chris Pratt. He has been in quite a few movies – some of them were quite good, so I was interested in his new TV show when it first started. Errr…although his films are often quite action based, the television show is a comedy about relationships. I admire him because he is quite a versatile actor and I like the show because it’s relaxing and fun. It is……

Topic card 1:
Describe a film/movie you have seen. You should say:
•    What it was about
•    Who was in it
•    When you saw it
You should also say whether you would recommend it

Topic card 2:

Describe a television programme you often watch. You should say:
•    What it is about
•    Who is in it
•    How often it is on
You should also say why you like this programme

Topic card 3:
Describe a famous person you admire. You should say:
•    Who he/she is
•    Why he/she is famous
•    When you first heard about him/her
You should also say why you admire this person



Although the candidate refers to movies and famous people, the main focus of each sentence is a television programme (Topic card 2). The candidate only uses references to movies and the star of the show in order to expand the answer.