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Writing a concession paragraph for IELTS

So what’s a concession paragraph for IELTS and why is it important?

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For this page, let’s use this Task 2 title:

There is no purpose to a course that does not lead to a job.

Do you agree or disagree?

In the planning stage, you might decide that you will disagree with the statement. However, in order to show good writing skills, you need to consider the opposite point of view, and then show the reader why the opposite point of view is weak. Here’s an example of a concession paragraph for IELTS.

Task 2 answer:

Some people argue that studying without a specific employment goal is not useful, yet there are a number of considerations that disagree with this opinion, as I will now explain.

Primarily, most people study at an age when they are unsure as to what occupation they wish to follow after graduation. This may lead to a feeling that they are obliged to stay in a field in which they do not wish to work and become unhappy as a result. To illustrate, many students study subjects such as business as there is a high chance it will lead to employment, but actually have no real flair or interest in the subject.

Although some courses do not link to obvious choices of employment, some arts-related fields of study can have wider benefits for the student. Literature is a good example of this; having no direct link to a specific career, it challenges students to think in less concrete terms than a more conventional career options such as business.

Admittedly, a point that could be made in support of the opinion that study should be job specific is that with the right training the student should always be able to find related employment; however, job mobility has become increasingly common and many people now take a variety of positions regardless of their background education.

To conclude, the arguments to support education being solely linked to employment are outdated and are likely to become increasingly less significant in the future.

The stages of writing a concession paragraph for IELTS

There are three main stages to writing a concession. First you need to use a concession word. Common concession words are granted, although it could be argued and admittedly. In the example above, the writer has used the concession word  admittedly. Following this, we should state the point of view that is the opposite of the previous body paragraphs. The final stage of writing a concession is to undermine the opposing point; that is, to say why this point is weak.


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Writing a concession paragraph for IELTS

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Writing a concession paragraph for IELTS