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About PTE Part 1 (Speaking and writing)


This page is to give you more information about PTE Part 1 (Speaking and writing). Make sure to visit our pages on each of the question types used in this section of the test!

NOTE: PTE uses the word ‘item’ to refer to a question type

Item (8 in total) What you have to do How many times do I do it?
1 . Personal introduction Read the prompts and give personal information about yourself. This section is NOT scored, but it is sent to institutions you choose as well as your PTE report. This is only done once.
2. Read aloud A short text will appear on the screen, which you need to read out loud. You will have to read either 6 or 7 texts aloud. You will be given 30 to 40 seconds to prepare, then you will need to speak.
3. Repeat a sentence You will hear a sentence which you then have to repeat. You will have to repeat between 10 and 12 sentences. Each sentence is between 3 and 9 seconds long.
4. Describe an image You will see an image on the screen and will then need to describe in some detail. You will need to describe 6 or 7 images in total. You will have 25 seconds to study the image then 40 seconds to talk about it before you are moved on to the next image.
5. Re-tell a lecture You will hear a part of a lecture and will then need to summarise what you heard. You will need to summarise either 3 or 4 lectures. For each one, you will listen for up to 90 seconds, have 10 seconds to prepare and then 40 seconds to give your summary.
6. Answer a short question You will be asked a question and will need to give a short answer. You will be asked between 10 and 12 questions. The question is between 3 and 9 seconds long, and you are then given 10 seconds to answer.
7. Summarise a written text You need to read a text which can be up to 300 words long. You then need to write a single-sentence summary of what you read (no more than 75 words) You will be asked to summarise either 2 or three written texts. For each text, you are given 10 minutes to read AND write your summary sentence.
8. Write an essay Write an essay of between 200 and 300 words on a given topic. Commonly you only need to write one essay, but there are tests where you need to write two. For each essay, you are given 20 minutes to read the topic, plan your answer and write your response.


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